Hi! My name is Joey 👋. I'm passionate about building software in the fintech space!

I am currently working on Fijoy, a personal finance management app that helps people take control of their financial life.

During the day, I am a team lead at Flojoy, building the data cloud for hardware testing data.

If you have any fun projects, especially in the fintech space, or if you need help with anything, feel free to send an email to!

I use Neovim btw.



  • Languages - TypeScript, JavaScript, Golang, Python, Java, C/C++, Rust, OCaml, Clojure
  • Frontend - React, Next.js, Astro, Docusaurus, HTML, CSS, TailwindCSS, Radix UI
  • Backend - Chi, net/http, gRPC, Connect, FastAPI, Flask, ElysiaJS, NestJS, Express, GraphQL, Electron, tRPC, Tauri
  • Database - PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Redis, FaunaDB
  • AI - OpenAI, LangChain
  • Cloud - S3, EC2, AMI, SES
  • DevOps - Docker, GitHub Actions, GitLab Runners, Terraform
  • Editor - Neovim
  • ...

Joey Yu